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Keep Christ in Christmas

Following the lead of the Supreme and State districts, our council has proudly supported the Keep Christ in Christmas program for many years.  Please help us spread the word to your neighbors, coworkers and others that might have been conditioned by many years of secular promotions of shopping and  

Please click here for the Supreme website's page on KCIC information, as well as this site for support materials. 

PSAs (Public Service Announcements)

The Supreme Council office will forward PSAs to program directors or radio and television stations for use during the holiday season. However, PSAs are most frequently used when a personal appeal is made, and copies delivered directly to station managers.

Merry what? 

Getting or Giving


Remember ... it's CHRISTmas

Although the links above so provide some initial good information to the process, they don't replace the old fashioned meeting of the members by the church community to show that our commitment to promoting Keeping Christ in Christmas can be something to not be afraid of standing up and defending.

Please see some of our Lawn Signs & Posters, Christmas Cards and other promotional items from the Knights of Columbus vendor website, Christ is Christmas . com  

Our KCIC team this year consists of Mike McGarghan, Mike Dorr, and Jim Michael. please contact any one of these knights for more informati0on on this years activities for dates, times and places.