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Keep Christ in Christmas

As in the past, we’ll be constructing and putting up Keep Christ in Christmas signs up throughout Burlington. We have 6 to 8 large signs that we’ll be putting out in the coming weeks. We’ve had to replace a couple after vandalism and theft from last year. We can always use a helping hand when setting these out and, picking them up.

Our Christmas cards have arrived! In what’s become a tradition we’ll extend an option for parishioners to purchase cards after mass. We’ve purchased some additional Keep Christ in Christmas yards signs this year, they have been a hit the last past. We also have some additional modern cards that have been ordered and will be available. It’ll be a nice mix of options that our council can extend. This year we are looking to offer cards at St. Joseph’s, St. Marks, and St. Anthony’s. If you can help sell cards, it’s extremely helpful and only takes a few minutes after mass. You’ll be helping your council, providing awareness of the Knights of Columbus, and have an opportunity to meet future brother Knights! We’re starting Saturday, November 21st.

I look forward to seeing my Brother Knights and your families this coming Christmas season.

Can You Help?

If you can help place the Keep Christ in Christmas signs or help with selling cards please fill out the details on the form, or email, or call Dan St. Hilaire.

Respectively and Fraternally Yours,

Dan St. Hilaire