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 An appeal from the State Chaplain (on behalf of the State Council):

An appeal from the State Chaplain (on behalf of the State Council):

Dear Brother Knights in Vermont,   
I ask if you would help me spread a new Go Fund Me campaign for individual donations for the Mobile Ultrasound Project. If you do not recall the details of this project, please see the information on this page of my Blog as State Chaplain: 
We are absolutely committed to reaching the State Council's public solicitation phase goal of $50,000, and we are so close!
Some people might want to give to the project at this time, but not through Go Fund Me. The same blog page above has reminders that donations can always be made out to the State Council for this cause, and simply mailed to State Deputy Steve Shover (106 Marions Way, Williston, VT 05495).
I thank you all, brother Knights, and keep you in prayer, as I hope you do for me.
Vivat Jesus!
Fr. Tim Naples, SC 

Brother Knights,

 I know we receive lots of emails, and lots of requests for donations. I get them too!

I hope you can take a minute to read this message and also consider donating to Fr. Naples GoFundMe Fundraising Account.

Fr. Naples is trying to raise money towards  Aspire Together Mobile Ultrasound Program, with a $3,500 Goal, can you help contribute? I just did!

Our council will be making a donation, but together with our individual donations, we can accomplish this goal so much more quickly.

Fr. Naples has appealed to each Knight in the State of Vermont to contribute $50.00 individually. He’s personally contributed thousands.

United, together, we make a difference. Let’s show Fr. Naples that our council supports his goals!

 Learn More Here and DONATE HERE

After you donate you will have an option to share your donation via Social Media, on Facebook. If you can, and if you will, I strongly encourage you to do so. This is an easy way to help Fr. Naples, we may not like to ask for donations but the simple act of sharing something you support and letting others know that you just donated can spark additional contributions.

Thank you for your consideration and support of a great cause and our Worthy State Chaplin. 

God Bless,

Dan St. Hilaire


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