Vermont Right to Live 

We in America believe that every child, born and unborn, is a sacred gift from God.
                                                           President Trump at the United Nations, 9/25/19 

(1) Lifelines - Entitled Vermont and the Culture of Death, guest Mary Hahn Beerworth (Executive Director of the Vermont Right to Life Committee}  reviews recent events in Vermont that negatively impact the lives of the most innocent and vulnerable among us, pre-born babies in their mothers' wombs: UVM Medical Center Hospital greatly expands abortion services; H.57 and Proposition 5 passed by the state legislature permitting abortions right to the babies' birthdates; Planned Parenthood forfeits federal Title X funds, but Governor Phil Scott and the Legislature reimburse the organization $800,000 in our tax monies; UVM Medical Center accused by the federal government of unlawfully forcing nurses to participate in performing abortions. Pledge by Vermont Right to Life to "Bring Vermont Back to Life!". Please view and share with others.

(2) Pro-life Replies consists of ten videos with written transcripts, each approximately four to five minutes in length,  produced by Live Action, a pro-life organization founded in 2003 by Lila Rose, then age fifteen. Shows how to reply to the most common pro-choice arguments encountered every day. Examples: "My Body, My Choice"; "Life Only Begins After Birth"; "A Fetus is Not a Person". To view "My Body, My Choice" see below. 
For Their Lives,

Bob & Judy
State Pro-Life Couple

The mission of the Vermont Right to Life Committee is to achieve universal recognition of the sanctity of human life from conception through natural death. In pursuit of that mission, VRLC, through peaceful, legal means, seeks changes in public opinion, public policy, the law, and individual behavior that respect the right to life and reject abortion, euthanasia, and other actions that deny the right to life.