279 Anchor Award Recipients

I was with great pride, pleasure, and sincere support that the DeGoesbriand Council 279 nominated Michelle LaCroix for the 2020 State of Vermont Knights of Columbus Anchor Award. Our council members overwhelmingly confirmed this worthy nomination. Michelle’s deep faith, lifelong support of the Catholic Church, its faithful leaders, and her devotion to our Lord reinforced and solidified our nomination and it is with great honor that she was selected the recipient of the State of Vermont Knights of Columbus highest and the most prestigious award for 2020.

2020 Anchor Award Honoree Michelle LaCroix

Please take the time to read our council's nomination, we are so very proud of Michelle.

Also available is a video of the State Award's Banquet dinner where the State Deputy Steve Shover presented Michelle with this great award.

What we do as Knights, we don’t do for recognition. We do it because we are Knights of Columbus and Charity is a foundation of our order. What Michelle LaCroix does isn’t for recognition, it’s from kindness, goodness, and because of her Catholic faith. Michelle’s energy and faith and what she puts into action is amazingly positive. Council #279 Thanks you Michelle LaCroix.